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  5. "I love this wise owl."

"I love this wise owl."

Translation:Minä rakastan tätä viisasta pöllöä.

July 18, 2020



Please, add "Rakastan tätä viisasta pöllöä" to correct answers. I've been getting wrong answers for using the pronouns in many previous lessons, and now that I skip it to avoid a "mistake", I get a wrong again :(


Also, the hint shows only "rakastan", which makes it even more confusing and challenging to get through this exercise


Minä should be optional here [reported]


"rakastan tätä viisista pöllöä" - is this correct?


You have a typo on "viisasta", but otherwise you can leave the pronoun out and if DL doesn't accept that, then just report it as a missing answer.


Why not "tätä viisas pöllö"?


Because the verb rakastaa requires partitive form: “tämä viisas pöllö” (nomimative)- ”rakastan tätä viisasta pöllöä” (all partitive after the verb)


why does tama become tata, I read the tips, but I'm confused why the "ta" end is used since the word finishes with the single vowel "a"


Tätä is the partitive form on tämä , need to learn this. There are several ways to form partitive depending on word’s ending and length, I recommend to check out some grammar books or articles to learn how partitive is used and formed, it is too big of a topic to cover in DL


The "ta" ending is a kind of "to be" so it points toward something someone intends to do. It's sort of normative.

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