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"Ich werde es nicht vermeiden."

Translation:I am not going to avoid it.

August 8, 2014



The hints say "vermeiden" means avoid, rather than prevent. Another phrase uses "verhintern" for prevent. In English these two words mean different (although related) things, is there any distinction with these German words?


It seems that the sentence is incorrect, vermeiden doesn't mean to prevent: http://en.pons.com/translate/german-english/vermeiden

On the other hand, verhindern: http://en.pons.com/translate/german-english/verhindern


Leo.org does list "to prevent" as one of the definitions of "vermeiden".


Yet, there is the same difference between "vermeiden" and "verhindern" as there is between "avoid" and "prevent" (German native here).


dict.cc also list to prevent as a possible definition for vermeiden.


If we assume that vermeiden usually means to avoid AND verhindern usually means to prevent, then I can remember this by noticing the connection between to hinder and to prevent. In fact, hindern can mean to hinder, and we know that in German the prefix ver- is sometimes an intensifier. So if you intensify hinder you get prevent.


Vermeiden: man geht einer Sache aus dem Weg Verhindern:man lässt etwas nicht zu. In der Regel Dinge, die andere vorhaben.


I said I will not prevent it. It marked me wrong and included as an answer, I am not going to prevent it.... argh.


I feel you pain, I did the same


Surely it should be: I am not going to avoid it ?

I am not going to prevent should be: Ich werde es nicht verhinderen ?


The popup says prevent. My answer was " I will not prevent it." According to the popups it should accept that answer.


Pop-up hints are suggestions (possibilities) offered for a word without any consideration of context or the sentence in which the word appears. Usually, among the hints is an answer that Duolingo should and will accept. But you can't expect every choice offered will be accepted. And usually, but not always, the rejection of a particular hint is because that choice is indeed incorrect for the sentence in which it appears. The pop-ups are not a cheat sheet. You still have to choose the right word for the given sentence.

In the sentence here, "avoid" is a better answer, and neither "will not prevent" nor "am not going to prevent" should be accepted.


What's the difference between meiden and vermeiden?


"Meiden" usually refers to avoiding things or persons, "vermeiden" usually refers to avoiding something to happen. "Ich meide ihn" = I avoid him. "Ich meide Höhen" = I avoid heights. "Ich vermeide es, ihn zu treffen" = I avoid to meet him. However, "meiden" is not a very common word in spoken everyday language, and you may well hear "vermeiden" instead (or, else, "aus dem Weg gehen", "umgehen", etc.).

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why not I won't prevent it


'I will not avoid it' Should be accepted, surely?

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