"He doesn't like rice; he only eats pasta."

Translation:Il n'aime pas le riz, il ne mange que des pâtes.

July 18, 2020

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Though I have the answer given by Duo but I thought Le riz ne lui plaît, il ne mange que des pâtes would work as well but heck, I was wrong.

I would like a native French speaker to assess the alternative I came up with please. Thanks, in anticipation.


Il n'aime pas du riz; il ne mange que des pâtes - I thought that if the conjugation is negative it will always use 'de'?


"Il n'aime pas le riz" in case of an expression like or dislike.


I absolutely agree. After a "verb of appreciation" you should use the definite article.

J'aime le riz. Je mange du riz. J'adore les pâtes et je mange des pâtes.


When does one use le and des when talking about quantities


I agree with RJohn711736, should use 'de' after a negative

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