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  5. "I have a map of my own."

"I have a map of my own."

Translation:Minulla on oma kartta.

July 18, 2020



Why not say "olen oma kartta"?


I guess because olen kind of means I am, and minulla means I have


Why not say my own map which makes it easier to link the two translations


Because that would have a slightly different meaning in Finnish.

  • I have a map of my own. = Minulla on oma kartta.
  • I have my own map. = Minulla on (minun) oma karttani.

Latter means the map is in your possession and it belongs to you, whereas the first one means you have your own map but it doesn't mean you own it, maybe you have just borrowed it from somewhere to return it after use. Or someone tells you that you can borrow their map and you answer that you already have your own. I don't think English has that big of a difference in the tones.

I'm actually now googling this and I'm getting more and more confused, I'm a Finn and when I google my native language, I understand it less and less :D So please, other Finns, correct me if I'm wrong or if you see this one differently! It's really fascinating to me now, especially because I can't find too much (or more like the opposite, so much that I stop understanding) information about if what I'm saying is even close to being correct.

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