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  5. "Teillä on oma huone."

"Teillä on oma huone."

Translation:You have a room of your own.

July 18, 2020



Is this the same as saying, "You have your own room"? Or is there a different way to say that?


but it is marked wrong


The problem with Duolingo is that it is too defined. If we expect an answer from you, it's this one and not another one. And that's annoying.


Teillä is second person plural, correct? English's lack of a distinct plural voice for second person pronouns is so confusing when learning other languages.


Well, a lot of American dialects do have a form for 2nd person plural: You guys - seems to be the most common Y'all - (contraction of you all) in the south Yous - in Pennsylvania Yous guys - not sure where that's from I'd be surprised if other English speakers don't have something similar


It's also used as formal address (to a stranger or when you're implying respect).


Why do I get marked wrong for ‘ you have your own room’ ?


So basically it's the same thing that "You have your own room", but writing this count for a wrong answer. Exactly like when you write "this" for "tuo", which, in Finnish, has nothing to do with the translation of "this" or "that" but with the function of use.

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