"J'ai lu les explications et je les ai comprises."

Translation:I read the explanations, and I understood them.

July 18, 2020

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Why is 'comprises' used here instead of 'compris'? Could someone please explain the underlying rule here? Thank you!


"avoir" verbs need to agree with their direct object if it's before the verb.


To make sure I understand:

  • If AVOIR is used to make the past tense of a verb, and

  • A PRONOUN is taking the place of a noun which is the DIRECT OBJECT of that verb (and therefor goes BEFORE 'Avoir'),

  • Then the PAST PARTICIPLE of the Verb has to agree in number and gender with that of Direct Object Noun.

Is that correct?

Q: Is there any other time a Direct Object would come before a verb?


Yes but it doesn't have to be pronoun. In the link I provided you can see the sentence "Je vais acheter la voiture que tu as recommandée." The D.O. "la voiture" isn't a pronoun and it precedes the verb.


thank you. i find it frustrating that duo stopped including TIPS in the beginning of the lessons. i think this grammatical rule is essential and appears (to us as learners) to contradict previous rules for past participles of "avoir" verbs. i've learned to rely on these forums and people like you to clarify things! Thank you!


I totally agree with you! This is something which needed to be included in a lesson tip. How else are we supposed to know it?


why not instructions - closer in meaning to English


Yes. Or directions.

I wonder, in what context might it be a reasonable make the English statement? Maybe after having read an editorial: "I read the explanations [of the author], and I understood them. [However I don't necessarily agree with the conclusion.]"


In English you would use present tense for the latter part "I understand (them)". Otherwise you are saying you previously understood, but now you no longer understand.

So: "I have read the explanations and (I) understand (them)" all reported as correct


Instructions is also a word in French, so likely won't be accepted for explanations


I think what we are asking for is reasonable, considering that this is a major change, they could give us a page of examples so that we are not just thrown into a cage containing lions, oui ou no?

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