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  5. "Tämä kahvila on mukava."

"Tämä kahvila on mukava."

Translation:This café is cozy.

July 18, 2020



"Pay attention to the accents". How? I don't have a French accent aigue on my Finnish keyboard.


To get "é" on a PC keyboard, hold the AltGr key down, it is to the right of the space bar, and press the "e" key.


On Finnish keyboard you get those accents from the key on the left side of the backspace.


I use the mobile app on my Android phone. I only have ' and `. I don't have a PC.


Alright. Some phones can do these when pressing a letter for a little while and it opens a small menu with all kinds of different letters - at least mine can do this. But tbh, I always write "cafe" etc. because I'm too lazy to add those accents that Finnish doesn't even have.


@mpre53: There's no accent aigue in Finnish words, nor is it in English? (Sept 2020)


There is in cafe here, as they used the French spelling. That's what DL told me to pay attention to. ;)


"this coffee house is comfortable" -- wrong >:(


Maybe because "comfortable" is what a person feels about themselves or how clothes fit on the body, or because a "coffee house" is a kind of place in Amsterdam where you can smoke marijuana?


I got two options, chose "kahviko" instead of "kahvla". Is it impossible to say "Tämä kahviko on mukava"?


Yes, it's not possible. Kahviko? is a short way of asking someone if they would like to have some coffee. Kahvila is a coffee shop/cafe.


Hmm, that sentence is grammatically correct, though, just not at all an accurate translation of the sentence in question - it means: THIS COFFEE is nice/kind? e.g. in the sense "you really think this coffee is nice?! I couldn't disagree with you more".


Why not a nice coffee, instead?


Because kahvila is not a coffee you can drink, it is a café, as in a place where you can buy coffee and drink it.


So in other words (correct me if this is wrong) "mukava" is used to say: -nice -comfortable -cozy?

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