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" Paljonko kello on? Se on tasan neljä."

Translation:– What time is it? – It is exactly four o'clock.

July 18, 2020



And again, should be "What time is it?- Exactly four.


I would usually say 'It is four o'clock exactly' or 'Four o'clock exactly'. I would only say 'It is exactly four o'clock' if I wanted to emphasise the 'exactly'. So not to accept it seems to show some unfamiliarity with English as spoken.


I chose from the word bank "It is exactly four." It said I have a typo and suggested "its exactly four." THAT is a typo.


I get a lot of questions wrong, like this one, where I understand it read it and just answer it in English but forget to put it into Duolingoease O'clock

[deactivated user]

    Yes the transaction appears to be erroneously adding words that arent needed or there at all.


    It tells me I have a typo when I don't put the apostrophe, but its suggestion... Also doesn't include the apostrophe!?


    Isn't finnland on a 24h clock? So generally the exactly is a bit over the top as it would refer to am.

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