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  5. "Olen islantilainen."

"Olen islantilainen."

Translation:I am Icelandic.

July 18, 2020



Should "I am from Iceland" be a correct answer? If not, how do you say that?


"Islantilainen" means one's nationality. "I am from Iceland" you can say a few different ways:

  • Tulen Islannista. = lit. "I come from Iceland."
  • Olen kotoisin Islannista. = "I hail from Iceland."

The latter English one I've never heard before and I'm not sure if it can be used about countries. The Finnish word is hard to explain, it contains two words: 'olla' + 'koti' = 'to be' and 'home', and it basically means that "one's home place is (somewhere)", but I can't do better translation than that, it's just one of these Finnish words and sayings that don't really translate into English. But that is still the most common way of saying where you're from in Finnish :)


Just to clarify: 'kotoinen' - the basic form of 'kotoisin' - is derived from koti 'home' with the adjective suffix -inen


Nothing wrong with that.


I am Icelander should be correct

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