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"Kello on melkein kaksitoista."

Translation:It is almost twelve o'clock.

July 18, 2020



I believe o'clock should be optional.


Should it be either "kello kaksitoista" or "almost twelve"(without o'clock) ? The translations don't quite match


The English "o'clock" does not exist in Finnish, so "kello" here is the same as "It is" in the English sentence. You can think about this as 'kello' meaning both: 'clock' and 'time'. So when English people ask "What time is it?", Finns ask "Mitä kello on?" (or "Kuinka paljon/Paljonko kello on?") and to this you can answer with "Kello on kaksitoista." or _"Se on kaksitoista." (The latter sentence means "It is twelve (o'clock).")

I think in the English' spoken language the o'clock can be omitted.


Yeah, I feel like o’clock needs to be removed from most sentences here... isn’t really needed, but then this is still in beta. Thank you for more details on Finnish, huge help.


And offering o' as a choice is plain daft. O'clock is a word; clock is a word; o' is not.


Generally o'clock is used only for emphasis or to avoid potential ambiguity. No doubt finnland has a 24h system so as soon as we get to 17 o'clock things will get iffy... Then the benefits of 'kello on..' become obvious

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