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Flashcards priority?

Is it possible for flashcard activities to choose first these words that are weak? It's getting irritating that I always practice more-or-less the same set of words or random words. There are still two or three words that need to be strenghtened, however I cannot access activities that would enable me to reach the goal.

August 8, 2014



What flashcard activities? Is that part of the words tab that some people have?

Flashcards to practise weakest duolingo words would be great. I now use memrise for that and it helps a lot but it is not ideal because there is no real integration with duolingo.


I think it is under the words tab. I don't have it myself either but I'd really like to.


By flashcard activities I mean the "Review Flashcards" button in my Words tab. It can be accessed in my Spanish course. The only problem is... well, I've actually described it in the first post.

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