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"He has an orange cat, which is really heavy."

Translation:Hänellä on oranssi kissa, joka on tosi painava.

July 18, 2020



Why todella is not accepted here. We are prompted to use tosi


Why oranssi kissa and not oranssia kissaa?!


It's the subject, not the object. While the clause elements in an English ownership clause are subject-verb-object, it's adverbial-verb-subject in Finnish. The reason why the first element is an adverbial is because it's in adessive case, which indicates location, semantically speaking.


Thank you for your answer! Being french with an average english level, it is sometimes not easy to find the right way between english and finnish!!!


Thanks Kristian, From our current infancy, how soon over dl-finnish's promising horizon, may we expect to foresee or apply voice/case alternatives conveying awkward ownership* like genetive-ish asuntonne, than our familiar "Olla The Addessive"?

  • Would we be far-off, guessing from addessive or telicity characteristics, and "speaking trees/streams" that saami/proto-finnic idiom preferred embracing rather than owning nature, just as would a native idiom in say, congo, andes, himalayas, or elsewhere?


I probably don't know much more than you do about the future development of the course. That's the purview of the course contributors whereas I'm just here to make sure everyone plays nice.


Minulla on söpö kisuli, joka on tosi painava.


In Australia we don't have orange cats but we do have ginger cats!

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