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Idea for a new feature

I think it would be a useful feature if there was an exercise where you would have to give the definition in English of a sentence that you hear in Finnish. I don't know if that made sense so let me try to explain it another way: duolingo let's you hear something in Finnish (without you being able to see it in the written form) and then you have to write down (in English) what you just heard. I hope that made sense...

I think this feature would really help you with being able to understand and follow conversations and other spoken Finnish better.

July 18, 2020



isnt there already an feature for that or is it just for certain languages like spanish that im learning


Yeah maybe it's just for certain languages, because I haven't come across this feature in the Finnish course yet.

[deactivated user]

    Yeah makes sense.


    Stories would be great to use Finnish more in context.


    i also upvoted u :)


    Yes and no. Being able to write down the correct Finnish spelling is important. But understanding a spoken sentence is also very important - but where we part company is having to write the exact English translation. That is an exercises in translation - not understanding. I would like to see responses in Finnish (or your TL). So they say "The apple is small but the grape is smaller. Which is the biggest?"


    That also sounds like a great idea!


    there is actually a add on for web browser that offers this feature. There is a forum thread explaining this add-on: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35968944 https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37716334

    it took me sometime to figure out the settings, but now I have it customized the was I want it :)


    Thanks for the link to the extension - it's good to have quick access to the key words without having to repeat the exercises as well as more detailed information. I was wondering if Finnish would have stories like Spanish has for instance to use the sentences/words in more context?


    Thanks for letting me know :)


    what I want to see going forward in the future is some stories to try translating. They had these stories with German and I really enjoyed reading them and answering questions for the correct meaning of the story

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