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1,000 words in French!

Up to today, I've learnt 1,037 words according to the data of Duolingo.

Rome wasn't built in one day. I hope that I can learn another 1,000 new words in the near future!

July 18, 2020



That's great to hear! :)

Keep working hard!

Trust me, your hard work is going to pay off!


Oh yes! Congratulations! Parabens! Well done! What an achievement! and a 230 day streak, you are doing amazing. You are one your way to being fluent in french! I wish you the best!



Felicitations , les histoires de duolingo sont tres amusant et bénéfique. Vous pouves lis cet histoires pour apprendre mots nuveau. Je etudie avec duolingo pour apprendre francais moi aussi. Je aussi lis des livres de boukili. Memrise app est benefique aussi. Bonne etudies.


wow, congratulations :o don't stop there though, i wish you the best on your language path!


Félicitations, mais vous n'êtes qu'a 1/60 ième de la contenance du dictionnaire "Petit Robert"


Wow, ur sooooo good that u know 'Le Petit Robert' dictionary but i don't know that and u can remember all the words of this dictionary! What can i say? Splendid! Powful! Marvellous! Brilliant! OMG!


Wow, well done! You must have worked hard! Keep up the good work!


Thanks everyone who congrats me! Thx a lot!


parabens voce pode falar muito bom france sente que suas aulas no duolingo e bom


Congratulations! You will learn 1000 new words! I believe you can!

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