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"Ystävällinen pari omistaa kuusi lemmikkiä."

Translation:The friendly couple owns six pets.

July 19, 2020



"have" is synonymous with "own" in this context.


I answered "A friendly.." isof "the friendly...", would this A turn ystävällinen into ystävällistä according to my exercise answer?


No, you can translate "ystävällinen pari" as either "the friendly couple" or "a friendly couple". Since it's the subject of the sentence, it's in the nominative case.

If you wanted to use the partitive (ystävällistä paria), you'd e.g. need a verb that requires the partitive or for the action to be unfinished.

"Rakastamme tuota ystävällistä paria" - We love that friendly couple.

"Menemme tapaamaan ystävällistä paria" - We are going to go meet the friendly couple.


To be fair, A friendly should be the write answer

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