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"Albert a encore volé un objet chez la voisine !"

Translation:Albert stole an object from the neighbor's place again!

July 19, 2020



Couldn't "again" come after "stole"?


'Again' could go after object too but it wasn't accepted


Albert is the dog ?


Surely we would say "something" in English - not "an object"? And the "place" is redundant as well...


"You have a typo. Albert again stole an object from the neighbor s house!"

Except that I didn't use the keyboard - I selected the words from the Duo picker


Don't understand why the placement of again is where it is


I can't speak about the rules of grammar on this, but as a Londoner for 60+ years I can say that putting "again" at the end is very common, and probably the norm with the English past tense, where it can be given an emphasis (you did it AGAIN! You are doing it AGAIN! Youhave done it AGAIN!). I have heard sentences like "You are again putting that question to the wrong person" and "I have again broken my promise to you" -- so maybe straight after an auxiliary verb is okay

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