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"I am looking for a purple shirt."

Translation:Etsin violettia paitaa.

July 19, 2020



Minä etsin violettia paitaa. Reported


What is the "a" added at the end for?


To give it a partitive case ending.


Wow, the other two sentences have the word lila wich means purple in HUNGARIAN. I was surprised to see it here. :)


Finnish and Hungarian (and also Estonian) are related languages. They're called the finno-ugric language family.


Your examples include sentences with the color after the noun and the opposite. How do we know which to use.


The only context I can think of right now that would have the color after the noun it modifies, is if one was looking for something in another color than the one at hand.

Etsin tätä paitaa violettina - I am looking for this shirt in purple


The sentence I was looking at was: "Onko teilla tata paitaa harmaana" which is just like the reason you just gave. Since then I've found many with the color before the object. Thank you.

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