"Je ne goûterai ni la tarte ni les biscuits."

Translation:I will not taste either the pie or the cookies.

July 19, 2020

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it should be neither the pie nor the cookies

[deactivated user]

    Aren't you and and Duo both correct? I will try NEITHER... NOR... alternatively, I will NOT try EITHER..OR


    again, i'd really appreciate having my french corrected instead of my english esp when there's nothing wrong with my english

    cos i wrote "i will taste neither the pie nor the cookies" but got marked wrong


    neither/nor in English..... not either


    Surely the correct translation is I will taste neither the pie nor the cookies rather than not either...or


    Duolingo seems to have a phobia of the word 'neither'. It's not helpful.


    "Biscuits" is correct in English too, at least in UK English


    I agree with others, when you don't want any of the choices, it has to be neither/nor. Either/ or is used when you want one of the choices. Duolingo, Please rectify accordingly. Correct translation should be "i will taste neither the pie nor the cookies"


    Could this also be 'Je ne gouterai ni tarte ni biscuits' without the articles?

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