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"Il prendrait sûrement le lit que tu lui as montré."

Translation:He would surely take the bed you showed him.

July 19, 2020



why "He would surely take the bed that you have showed him" is incorrect? It is so similar to the answer


I actually think it would be "that you have SHOWN him", but your sentence is understandable, just not as natural sounding as the suggested answer.


"he would surely take the bed that you have shown him" was not accepted for me. I will report it as I think it should be correct. If you think it is wrong please comment why


Brett: This is one reason I am still using the wordbank method of inputting responses. The words come pre-approved and spelled correctly.. This cuts down the chances of making mistakes... and NOT making mistakes is how the correct wordforms and spellings become habituated, just as they are with my English. The other reason for sticking with wordbank when I can, is to reduce the amount of typing done on a 'phone-sized' keyboard.


...the bed which you showed him... better English and same meaning

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