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The Unwanted Beginning

I was just checking out Spanish a long time ago, i only did one lesson or so and now i'm stuck with it. Whenever i want to switch between languages i'm studying, i see that frustrating Spanish Level 1. I really want that removed, i emailed duolingo but they just sent me a computer generated mail which really hurt my feelings, because i had written a long email with explanations and my possible help if my native language were to be taught in this site.

TL;DR how do i delete the Level 1 Spanish that i don't want to see

May 15, 2013



We have an update that you'll be happy to hear about on the way shortly! :)


Currently a language cannot be dropped from the accounts (sorry about that!) Regarding the email you have sent to us, I am sorry you felt that way. Please know that in fact, we do read the emails that are sent to us and we have people who respond to them. We would love to be able to have every single combination of languages in Duolingo so we are figuring out a way to help the community with that. In the meantime I want to thank you for bearing with us patiently. It is fantastic to see passionate members like you being part of this community.


Glad to hear that! Can't wait for it :)

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