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"Décrivez le but et la durée de votre séjour."

Translation:Describe the goal and length of your stay.

July 19, 2020



Better english would be "describe the purpose and duration of your visit"


The purpose = definitely better!


duration is a better choice of durée in English, also agree that purpose should be accepted


Come on Duo, get rid of those stupid, annoying voices!!!!!!!!!!!


"the goal" No English speaking person would say it this way.


Describe the goal and the length of your visit should be accepted


As others mention here, we just don't speak of the "goal" of a stay in English. It's "purpose". Amongst many really awful lessons at this level of French, where it's very difficult to get the system to accept even the best English translations, I have to say that this is one of the worst. The person who wrote this chapter does not have the language skills to be writing any of these English sentences. PERIOD. It makes the process maddeningly frustrating for a native English speaker to learn French. Despite many people here continuously begging Duo to address this problem, we are ignored. Really says something about the quality.


The hover hint only suggests document rather than describe.


Another good one rejected: "Describe the aim of the length of your stay". Reported. No immigration officer would say "goal".


"aim of the length" is not a good translation. Maybe you meant "aim and length".


"Describe the purpose and length of your stay" accepted.

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