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Dutch from English + English from Dutch

Is it possible to do both language courses, or will my Dutch from English go away if I switch courses?

August 8, 2014



Yes, it is possible, and yes, your progress on the Dutch from English tree will be saved (if that's what you're worried about, I did the first few skills of it to learn Dutch before the course was released).


You can do it. I started off with the English for Dutch speakers to practise whilst I waited for Dutch for English speakers. My progress hasn't disappeared from either, but to access the trees again and your progress you just have to switch in settings. It's a bit tedious but it doesn't lose your progress.


thanks! I already tried and it worked perfectly. It is a bit confusing to reverse the learning language, but I think it is good to make awareness and to go out of the automatic pilot while answering the questions :)


Agreed. Plus you do more translating into Dutch (on Eng for Dutch) than you actually tend to on the "learning Dutch" course I've heard. I feel it helps me apply what I've learnt more especially as it's more immersion and I actually have to take more time to read what is there rather than be like "Oooh English everywhere" (with the UI being in Dutch etc).


I think you can, I did spanish from german and german from english at the same time and it was fine, so I think you can learn a language and also start from it without a problem.


i was just a bit unsure as it says "change course", but if I go to the French course it says "learn course" or something like that. But cool, then I will try it ;)

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