"On veut visiter le studio, emmène-nous-y."

Translation:We want to visit the studio; bring us there.

July 19, 2020

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As discussed many times before in forums, "..bring us there." is not a phrase used by many native English speakers. Try ".. take us there." We bring something to where we are ("Bring some milk back home with you.") and take something to somewhere where we are not ("Take some milk over to grandma's"). I realise that it's different in French, but we should be trying to get both languages correct, n'est-ce pas ?


Take is more common in English, but there is no rule that it cannot be used where appropriate. My best guess is they're making the distinction between let's all go visit together ("bring us there"/emmène-nous-y/連れて行こう) and after you take us we'll part ways and visit ourselves ("take us there"/amène-nous-y/送って頂戴). It's not the only correct usage, but one way English speakers use it.

"take us there" 5,110,000

"bring us there" 2,050,000

"amène-nous-y" 3,640

"emmène-nous-y" 2,860

As for taking/bringing milk and not a person, that's actually apporte/emporte. Can I get an amène? ;-)


Agreed, there's no rule, but having worked with native English-speakers from all over the globe, including the States, it's a rather unusual construction.


Lol, amène brother!

Something that's missing in many discussions is that "take us there!", "bring me one," etc, are incredibly rude statements, especially if the "requests" are on the extreme side (like the near order to take someone to Guatemala!)
If my kids had said, "there's a film we want to see at the cinema, take us there!" the last thing that would happen would be them seeing any films that year!
What happened to "please"? It may seem to be a small point, but DL - to me at least - is making the French seem unbelievably rude and self-centred, which (although some individuals would be, just as everywhere else in the world) is far from the case!


i-grec has crept in on the audio here too... it's a shame about the lack of QC on Duo.


"Take us there" is an alternative in Duo's drop-down list. One can therefore use the keyboard to type the alternative translation which is accepted.


Should one really pronounce the y at the end of the sentence 'ygrek'.


No, the computer is struggling with this one, and is saying the name of the letter. The y is pronounced "ee".


the audio says « emmène-nous-i grec »


"Take" also accepted in this one. (Heaven only knows why Duo uses "bring" in so many of this tranche of these exercises.)


Is it normal to speak on such a demanding way in french? Or are we just learning the phrase for 'take us there'?


Take us there should be accepted


Can I recommend Lawless french. Can't find the link but type in Ammener-v- Really good tips on ammener/emmener/apporter and emporter. Duolingo could do with reading it as above should translate to , take us there. duolingo is adding to the confusion. Tim


Again as a Brit - I would say take us there!


Where are the pleases here? Are the French really so bossy!


no native speaker who speaks properly would ever use "bring us there". Take us there is correct.

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