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  5. "Montako hamsteria heillä on?"

"Montako hamsteria heillä on?"

Translation:How many hamsters do they have?

July 19, 2020



In earlier lessons, "kuinka moni" was used to ask "how many". Is there a difference between using kuinka moni and montako? So "Kuinka moni hamsteria heillä on?"

Here's one of the lessons as an example of what I'm referencing: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40330191


Following for clear explanation


Also following for an explanation.

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There is a difference. Monta is the partitive case of the pronoun moni and they have distinct use cases. I think Uusi kielemme does a very good job (as good as in this confusing case can be done, anyway) explaining the difference of moni, monet, monta: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-vocabulary/interesting-words/moni-monta-monet-many

Basically, you ask kuinka monta when you refer to countable individual things, in this case the asker wants to know the exact number of hamsters.

Using kuinka moni is then more like treating a part of the whole. Kuinka moni hamsteri asuu häkissä? "How many a hamster lives in a cage?"

Anyway, you should read the link I posted to get a better picture :)


'How many hamsters have they" was not accepted!!! Who is in charge of the English, here?


Sounds a bit dated imo, but not necessarily wrong. Did you report it?


Too old to be accepted.

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