"Il faut un mot de passe pour ouvrir ce dossier."

Translation:You need a password to open this folder.

July 19, 2020

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so a dossier isn't a file when it's on a computer where it becomes a fichier


"One needs a password to open this folder." Marked incorrect 10/30/20.

Sigh, these new lessons are not being monitored by Duo it seems. I should switch to another language learning site for a while and give them a year to get these corrected and not so syntax strict. It's too frustrating.


"You need a password to open this file" - should be accepted.


File is "fichier".


Then why is "file" given in the drop down, and sometimes acceptable elsewhere for dossier?


I should have clarified that in computer context the distinction is clear but it's messy in other cases.

"dossier" can be a document file, case file, folder for storing papers and computer folder

"fichier" can be a (card) catalog, filing cabinet and computer file


Merci pour les informations supplémentaires ; elles sont très utiles !


So, again, why does the hint give "file" as a suggestion? To do so is - at best - misleading to the students, but is actually much worse than that (according to you) because it is actually a wrong translation. It is very discouraging to those trying their hardest to learn to be misguided in this way. I know it is not tour fault, it is Duolingo's, but let's not escuse them when they do this (again and again).


The hints are a worthless crutch. I haven't used them in two years.


The hints are only hints, and are not adapted specially for each exercise in which they appear. Try not to rely on them (ideally you shouldn't need them), and take anything they say with a grain of salt.


why not "a password is needed"?


That is correct, hope you reported it.


the hover over "dossier" indicates folder or file

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