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"Pesen pois hikeä purossa, koska minulla on kuuma."

Translation:I am washing off sweat in a stream because I am hot.

July 19, 2020



"I am washing off the sweat in the stream because I am hot" needs to be accepted. This is sentence is about the particular person (me) doing continuous action- washing the particular (own) sweat in the particular stream, since it is happening now.


the sweat and the stream should also be acceted, since the Finnish does not distinguish. So imagine we are walking in a forest and I say to you "You"re very sweaty, there's a steam"...


True, even if technically it's okay to say "washing off/away sweat." It's just awkward because it's highly doubtful that anyone would ever say this sentence! First of all, if you're hot your main concern would be to cool yourself off, so you might say that, or say that you're splashing yourself with water. Second, everybody can see what you are doing, so why would you talk about it?


"...washing away" seems a better nod to "pois".

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