"Dans quel dossier as-tu mis les photos ?"

Translation:In which folder did you put the photos?

July 19, 2020

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"In which directory did you put the photos" Should be accepted. Reported.


In which file... ?


I think the issue is that if we're talking about computers, you can't put photos in a file. They are the file.

However, when talking about a physical filing system, you can put photos in a file.

It's possible that this exercise was created for the "tech" part of the tree.

That doesn't make your answer wrong, of course, but may explain why it isn't accepted yet.


However, I can also place some photos into a file such as an MS Word document ... so, again, it depends on the context.

Reported Mar 2021, as I think: In which file did you put the photos? is a valid translation from the stand-alone French sentence.


"Into which folder did you put the photos" should be accepted (reported).


"What folder did you put photos in?" not accepted 9/7/21


Dear Duo. Dossier is also a folder in the UK. Please accept that in your translation

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