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"Yksi korvapuusti ja lasi maitoa, kiitos."

Translation:One cinnamon roll and a glass of milk, please.

July 19, 2020



As for Sima, I don't understand why I can't just keep korvapuusti as a translation


This should accept simple spelling errors (like the spelling of cinnamon as 'cinammon') that cannot mean anything else


The algorithm is not as smart as that. It accepts a single wrong letter if it doesn't produce another meaningful word. It cannot reason that while 'cinammon' has two errors it is still easily understood. From the point of view of the algorithm, "cinammon" has similar errors as, say, "maaa" if you're trying to spell "mama" (one m missing, one extra a)

[deactivated user]

    Finnish mainly drink coffe with cinnamon rolls and pulla. Not milk.


    I eat cinnamon rolls with more cinnamon rolls. Though I do actually drink milk since I don't drink coffee.


    Yeah, but some people also eat them with milk.


    Even if it's completely unusual, some people are eccentric.


    I don't understand why "one glass of milk" is not also right!!!


    Because there's no yksi. The difference between using one and a is that one emphasises the number and a doesn't. It's the same in Finnish between just using the singular noun and using yksi with it.


    How about 'one cinnamon bun and a glass of milk please'?


    I don't know why you got two down-votes, because it looks more like a bun than a roll on Wikipedia, at least: https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korvapuusti


    Korvapuusti is definitely a roll. The bun is what is normally referred to as "pulla" (though that's a very generic term which can be used for different shapes). The recipe for the dough is the same for both but for korvapuusti you roll it flat and fill it with sugar, butter and cinnamon then roll it, cut it to size and bake it.


    Did you look at the wikipedia article? That shape is more bunlike than cylindrical, i.e. roll.


    I don't have to, I've baked more than enough Korvapuusti myself to know ;) Trust me, it's not a simple process


    Hehe "okay". I doubt that the simplicity of the process is what decides if the end result is a bun or roll.


    I cant read finnish yet, but doesnt the wiki article also - in its first sentence - say that it is a form of pulla?


    I would say korvapuusti is korvapuusti, not a cinnamon roll/bun. They are a whole other level of loveliness! So good straight out of the oven.


    Do all korvapuusti have cinnamon in them. Wouldn't sweet roll also be an acceptable answer?


    I've never seen a recipe without it. If you went to all that trouble and used another spice, e.g cardamom, they would still look the same, which is how they get their name - but I don't think a Finn would call them korvapusti - maybe korvapulla:-)

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