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"Is a kilogram of candy too much or too little?"

Translation:Onko kilo karkkia liikaa vai liian vähän?

July 19, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Liian paljon vai lian vähän should be accepted


    There is one "i" missing from the latter "liian", otherwise it's fine.


    yksi kilo should be accepted (reported) - please cater to the numerically/logically inclined users


    I would assume that it would also be necessary if we wanted to stress that we want one kilo of candy (as opposed to some different amount that the clerk just put on the scale).


    It's the partitive, right, when we say liikaa? I don't understand why vähän is nominative then, can anyone explain?


    Yes, liikaa is partitive of liika. It is used as an adverb. The genitive is liian as in liian paljon, which means the same as liikaa (too much).


    I don't know, but you can always say also liian paljon.

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