"Tha fìon math anns an Eadailt."

Translation:There is good wine in Italy.

July 19, 2020

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It didn't like the wine is good in italy. Tha fìon math translates as the wine is good so i was just wondering...


The definite article doesn't appear in this sentence:

  • Tha fìon math. > Wine is good.
  • Tha am fìon math. > The wine is good.
  • Tha am fìon math anns an Eadailt. > The wine is good in Italy


For the sake of completion, is “Seo fìon math anns an Eadailt” grammatically correct? Still not clear when tha and seo are used.


Yes, but that would mean "This is good wine in Italy".


Yes thanks for that response Joanne and I now realise how shocking my original comment was. You of course are right. I should have said 'wine is good in italy'. But no it's 'there is good wine.... 'and it's this bit I'm trying to distinguish from mine. How would you write the two differently.


"Wine is good in Italy" is written in the exact same way: Tha fìon math anns an Eadailt. It will also be accepted here :)


Thanks Joanne of course I can't now remember my original translation :) :) I'm good as I always continue to make silly mistakes :)


How come 'wine is good in Italy' wasn't right?

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