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"Miksi tässä lörtsyssä ei ole yhtään hilloa?"

Translation:Why is there no jam in this lörtsy?

July 19, 2020



The word -yhtään- appears to go without translation. Would the Finnish sentence mean the same without it too?


Not quite. Without "yhtään", the sentence would more accurately resemble the translation. With the "yhtään" translated as well, the English translation would be "Why isn't there any jam in this lörty?".


Very quick response Kristian, Thank you.


"ei ole yhtään" could also be translated as "no ... at all". I think.


I would submit that "why does this lörtsy have no jam in it?" is also a valid translation?


Yhtään means contains. Something more useful to refer to in Finnish outside of a label on a can of food than in English.


Hi Wesley. I cannot find support for your explanation that -yhtään- means -contains-. -Yhtään- is related to -yhtä- the partitive of of -yksi- but is a separate word meaning 1 -any- 2. -at all- according to dictionarypro.net. It is used especially in negative sentences -not any- -not at all-. I think of it as -not one bit-.

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