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"Anteeksi, minä en puhu hindiä."

Translation:Sorry, I do not speak Hindi.

July 19, 2020



Though, I speak Hindi


After the first stats about the course came in, it turned out that about 2% of the people taking the course are from India. That was completely unexpected! Of course there are many other languages spoken there, but I'm so happy that I included the word for "Hindi" in this course. :) I'm also a bit upset that I made a last minute decision to not include Intia, "India", in the course. :(


Hey, the world cup in pesäpallo was played in Pune, India, so no wonder there is a lot of interest for Finnish in India!


Kindly include Urdu too. I am sure there are Urdu speaking Finnish learners on Duolingo. I also speak Urdu, cos I am from Pakistan


I cannot add new words right now, but I'll make a note of both Urdu and Pakistan for future reference. If we can find room for them in the eventual Tree 2.0 some time in the distant future, we'll add them then. :)


How about Malay and Indonesian?


Kenties Zzzzz saa ujutettua malaijin ja indonesian jonnekin.


No please don't. For the average person learning words like "hindi" and "urdu" dont add any value when trying to learn finnish. I never even heard urdu, it just confuses


Please define "the average person". And please tell me such a person is not someone who represents mainstream US culture, because that's what one usually ends up after all "cultural" references in a course are removed. Duo is an American company, so the "default" English we use is American English (unless there's a phrase in some other variety that works better as a translation). But. The majority of our learners are from somewhere else. The Finnish course has learners with very varied backgrounds. I would definitely add the word "Pakistan" in a future course and consider "Urdu" too. Hindi is the 4th most spoken language on the planet with roughly the same amount of native speakers as English. So even if we think of all people rather than just the ones taking the course, the average person is just as likely to speak Hindi as English. :)

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