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"Miksi te ette asu enää Kanadassa?"

Translation:Why do you not live in Canada anymore?

July 19, 2020



Should be "why don't you live". "Why do you not live" is really stilted and formal.


In British English, it's more usual to use "any more" - anymore is, I think, correct American English, but in the UK, it's not really correct.


That may be true, but as an American - I've never used "anymore" - it's always "any more" for me too. I think the single word is like using fast as an adverb - colloquial - and since we're not learning colloquial Finnish...


This is not a normal sentence in American English. Should be "Why don't you live in Canada anymore."


Why do they not have the word combination "don't" in the vocabulary?


The "you" here would refer to the second person plural...is it so?


Anymore is wrong English. It should be written as two words. I am not aware that even the Americans write "anymore" as a single word, i think it's just a matter of poor literacy.


Any more means still more, as in do you have any more cake? Anymore means any longer, as in do you have cake anymore? They are different phrases with different meanings and slightly different pronunciation. In particular, any more has two lexical stresses whereas anymore has only one. Any more refers to a quantity of some other thing whereas anymore is always about time.

This is the distinction in American English at any rate. Perhaps they write "do you have cake any more" in British English, but it certainly looks wrong to me, and I doubt they pronounce it in this phrase with two lexical stresses. So anymore may be incorrect according to British rules of orthography, but then the British pronounce lieutenant with an eff because some posh person misread the u in that as a v and everyone else has been afraid since then to pronounce it otherwise lest they sound uneducated, so take that as you will. Americans and British hypercorrect their English in different ways. Vive la différence!


'Why are you not living Canada anymore?'



It seems we as learners need to focus on what has been taught in the lessons and not go outside those lessons


So funny to see that my cellphone comes up with a picture of a chicken every time I start to type "Kanada" in Finnish modus.

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