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"The clock is right there, but where is the calendar?"

Translation:Kello on tuossa, mutta missä kalenteri on?

July 19, 2020



Can we swap the last bit to read "missä on kalenteri" instead?


You could, but then the calendar is less definite and wouldn't necessary be translated as "the calendar" but as "a calendar".

[deactivated user]

    I think with question words like missä the Finnish prefer to use SVO (subject-verb-object) like in statements, but on some occasions they can swap words to emphasize stuff. For us (learners) though it might be best to get used to the way they normally do it and learn the nuances when living in Finland. I don't so I stick to the standard word order SVO. When I move there I hope to learn the tricky bits. I hope that helps you somewhat.


    Yes we can. But duolingo didn't accept that


    Yep, doesn't matter. They both mean the same thing and the context isn't going to change with so few words being swapped around.


    As a Finn I would say "missä on kalenteri". Don't know why, but it sounds a bit more natural in that sentence.


    Yeah, inquiring minds want to know. Anyone?


    Why not "Kello on tuolla"?


    That would be 'the clock is over there', not 'the clock is right there'.


    Kello on ihan tuossa?

    [deactivated user]

      what we learned up to now is that "tuossa" already means "right there". In a previous exercise they accepted "there" as a translation of "tuossa" and gave "right there" as an alternative (correct) solution.


      you are asking us to work from English to English

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