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"– Do you live in Sweden? – Yes, I do."

Translation:–Asutko sinä Ruotsissa? – Asun.

July 19, 2020



'... Kyllä, asun' should be accepted


Asutteko te Ruotsissa should also be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Not really because the respond is "Yes, I do." unless it's a really formal situation when you might use "te".


    Yep, in that case I would write it with capital letter T. But it could be a bit counterproductive to tell duolingo to accept "te" here, as it is singular you in the question, not plural you.


    That's true, both of you. Maybe a Te could be accepted. I think I was just because of other tasks in the Te-mode, but most of the time, Finns don't use the formal Te, so I guess only accepting sinä is fine.


    Shouldn't "Asutko Ruotsissa? Asun." also be accepted?


    "Kyllä, minä asun" seems the direct translation to me but it is not accepted. Am I wrong?

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