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Update system to accept numbers (i.e 50 & fifty...)

Hi Duolingo,

Please can you update the system so that typing numbers in numerical format works?

For instance:

Quarant'anni sono passati - 40 years have passed!

Takes a long time to type out long numbers and I already know how to spell them in English.


May 15, 2013



I think it is important to spell out the numbers, especially if you are doing a number lesson. :)


I agree to spell out the numbers in the language that you are learning but it seems pointless to spell out the numbers of the language that you already know. For me it just makes the process slower


Yup, but them how do you prevent people that never learned the words to simply put in digits and take the easy way out.


If your learning English - Italian, numbers are allowed in English answers. If your learning Spanish - Italian, numbers are allowed in Spanish answers.....

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