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"Why does Joni get candy, but I do not?"

Translation:Miksi Joni saa karkkia, mutta minä en?

July 19, 2020


[deactivated user]

    mutta en saa is also correct


    Since it is "Joni" versus "I", a comparison, it's much better to include "minä". It feels like the sentence lacks a key component if you leave out the pronoun.


    And how about "mutten minä"?


    I'm only a learner, but to me that sounds like you want yourself to be giving to Joni instead of the candy.


    I wonder if it would be correct to say "en minä" instead of "minä en?"


    If this sentence were "Why is Joni getting candy, but I am not?", in the progressive aspect, I'd expect the object in the Finnish sentence to be partitive.

    But since this sentence is using the simple aspect, why can't the accusative karkin be used?


    I reckon it's because the English equivalent here is "candy" instead of "a piece of candy" or "a candy" (if the latter is grammatically correct). In other words, accusative case would require a countable object, and this sentence uses "karkki" as a mass noun. It can also be used as a countable noun, though.


    Can I say "mutta en" instead of "mutta minä en"?


    The pronoun is required because it serves a contrastive purpose. 1st person pronouns can normally be left out otherwise.


    Oh, thank you, I've got it.

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