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  5. "Egypti on kuuma maa."

"Egypti on kuuma maa."

Translation:Egypt is a hot country.

July 19, 2020



Kuuma was translated as hot and warm. But why is in the answer only hot correct?


Kuuma generally means heat that makes you uncomfortable while lämmin means heat that makes you comfortable. So a blanket in the summer is kuuma while a blanket in the winter is lämmin.


Would kuuma be used to describe an appropriately hot sauna though?


Depends :)

You can say "sauna on lämmin (=warm)" meaning that it is ready, for example to inform people who are waiting for it.

Inside, you can also comment "sauna on sopivan (=appropriate) lämmin", if you like the temperature.

I have heard people to say "sauna on sopivan kuuma (=hot)", but for me it sounds bit weird, since "kuuma" usually makes it uncomfortable.

So in conclusion, you can think sauna as an exception to "lämmin/kuuma" definition, but you don't have to.


I would say that warm is 'lämmin' and hot is 'kuuma'.


Perhaps 'kuuma' could be both hot and warm in some situations but I actually don't know what those would be. So better stick with differnd words for both of them


Got this in this "Wild" section for some reason...


Because Egypt has camels and crocodiles ;)


Can you not say Egypt is a hot land?

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