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"Nämä kamelit elävät Egyptissä."

Translation:These camels live in Egypt.

July 19, 2020



Would "asuvat" also be accepted?


'Asuvat' is more about humans and 'elävät' about animals when it's about living somewhere. 'Asua' especially points at residencing somewhere, for example 'an apartment' is 'asunto' in Finnish, literally a place that one lives in. I'd use 'asua' with animals only when they are living with a human or in a place built by a human, like a zoo or a stable or barn etc.

Duolingo has had some inconsitency with these words, though. It often uses 'asua' about animals too and other times it only accepts 'elää' and I have seen many questions about this on the forum and it has been confusing many.


Could elävät be used for humans in any context?


Yes, for instance He elävät onnellista elämää (They live a happy life.)


Should this be accepted? "these camels are living in Egypt"


It should. (If it's not, then just report it.)

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