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"Er würde das nicht vergessen."

Translation:He would not forget that.

August 8, 2014



What is the exact usage of the whole "würde" + infinitive ? I've read that it's a somwhat informal equivalent of Konjunktiv II in cases when its form is the same as Indikativ Präteritum, right? So, could I say *Er vergäße das nicht" ? Would the meaning stay the same?


The grammatical meaning is the same, yes. But nobody would say that. It's just not a form that a native speaker would use.


Thanks! Is there any situation when a native would use the konjunktiv 2 form, or it's just falling out of use entirely? Maybe conditional clauses?


Oh, there are many instances where a Konjunktiv 2 is used, even more than a Konjunktiv 1 anyway, just not here. For example modal verbs and auxiliary verbs are rather used in the proper Konjunktiv form istead of "würde + [verb]", probably because they are often combined with other verbs, so we try to keep the number of additional verbs like "würde" low.


how do I know when to use "das", and when to use "dass"


"Das" and "dass" are different words with very different meanings/uses. "Das" is an article (like in "das Haus") and a pronoun (like in this sentence or in something like "Flicka ist das Pferd, das sehr schnell rennt"). "Dass" is a conjunction, so it connects two phrases like "Ich bin froh, dass es dir gut geht." Check out this page for a longer explanation.


Danke niceliz. Shönen Abend, und Shönes Wochenende auch :)



Danke, dir auch! :)


Why does it suggest will as a translation of würde if it does not accept it?


Why is it er würde instead of ich würde or er würdet?


That's just the conjugation of "werden," it's irregular so it doesn't conjugate how you might expect. You can see all its forms here.


It's also subjunctive, which is conjugated differently than indicative.


Can I put "nicht" in other places, like "Er würde nicht das vergessen."?


Wrong answer duo!!

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