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"It is late. It is already seven o'clock."

Translation:On myöhä. Kello on jo seitsemän.

July 19, 2020



Can I say "On myöhä. Se on jo seitsemän"?


Not really, since "kello" which "se" would refer to is not mentioned then. If somene asked you "Mitä/paljonko kello on?" you could then say "Se on...", but not here.


Can I not say Se on myoha [with accents]


No, Finnish does not use dummy subjects (The "it" in the English one doesn't refer to anything. What is late?)


There has been no consistency on whether or not "Se on..." or "Kello on..." is correct or incorrect throughout these lessons.


It depends on the context. If "kello" is mentioned in another sentence, like a question ("Paljonko kello on?") you don't have to repeat "kello" but instead can just say "se". If the sentence must stand on its own, i.e. there is no other mention of "kello", you have to say "Kello on...".


What is the opposite of myöhä? Is it aikaisin or aikainen?

[deactivated user]

    Not correct

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