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"Pöllönen puhuu sekä tanskaa että norjaa."

Translation:Pöllönen speaks both Danish and Norwegian.

July 19, 2020



Why 'että' and not 'ja' ?


"Sekä X että Y" is a specific construction meaning "both X and Y" (both X as well as Y).


It's interesting, it works like italian


"Ja" would be "and", but in this case the and was part of a structure "both X and Y" - hence "sekä X että Y"


Why is "danish as well as Norwegian" not accepted? Not a native English speaker though but i think sekä...että also means that


That is a bit ambiguous in English. "As well as" can mean "both", or it can be a statement of comparison, as in, "He speaks Danish as well as Norwegian but not as well as Swedish."


Pöllönen can speak both Danish and Norwegian should be accepted?


Although the meaning is similar, it is not exactly the same. I think your sentence would be "Pöllönen osaa puhuu..." instead of "Pöllönen puhuu...". Saying "Pöllönen is able to speak" focuses on the ability, while "Pöllönen is speaking" focuses on the action.

In the contexts that this sentence would probably be used in, I think your sentence would make more sense. However, with the given Finnish sentence, "Pöllönen speaks..." is probably the most accurate translation.


There is an -a ending in the "Pöllönen osaa puhua" sentence. Otherwise on-point.

Technically meaning "can speak", but that was not the choise of words in the Finnish sentence. "Speaks" is therefore much more correct.


It would help to have "two dots'' given as options on all tasks. Duolingo please see this comment.


Oh man... this is getting confusing!

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