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  5. "Does this place have WiFi?"

"Does this place have WiFi?"

Translation:Onko täällä nettiä?

July 19, 2020



Wow! The translation for "nettia" is not "WiFi". It should be "internet connection" or "internet" or "network connectivity" or .... Equating WiFi with nettia is not only technically incorro, but also unreasonable in practice.


Well, true and not, it depends. 'Wifi' doesn't have a Finnish equivalent so we often refer to that just as 'netti'. Most places like restaurants or trains usually use the word 'wifi' and I also use that every now and then, but every time I use it with others but younger people, I have to explain what is 'wifi' because it says nothing to the older generation, especially if I pronounce it like it's pronounced in English. So it's easier to just say 'netti' or 'langaton (netti)' (wireless internet connection).


Should it be "onko tässä paikassa nettia"?

[deactivated user]

    I only hear "netti" from older people and usually then it's about the Internet not about WiFi. All hotels, cafes etc have WiFi. I've never heard anyone refer to it directly as langaton, that is only for documentation and such like


    Wifi is written everywhere like you mentioned too, but personally almost every time I say the word "wifi" (either in Finnish or English pronunciation), I get the question "Mikä (on) wifi???" And very often nothing I say will make the people understand any of the words I use. But maybe I have just been talking with the older people too much since all the younger people know what that is.

    And I'm pretty sure it also changes region to region, in Helsinki and other bigger areas it's probably very common to have Wifi everywhere and in everyday speech but if you go to the smaller cities such as the one I live in, I actually can't recall seeing the word in more than just a couple of restaurants and in the train. Finland has so good mobile data connections to begin with that you don't really even need wifi ever. I never use it even in the trains (and it eats my phone's battery a lot more than mobile data does). But that probably also about one's individual preferences.


    Please explain the translation - the one offered does not make sense.


    It means "Is there an internet connection available here?" Internet often gets shortened as "netti" and it means the internet itself and also the internet connection.


    I agree with MrTeraHertz & Linnilah. The translation does not make sense!


    I asked and was told WiFi is called wlan here. (Ex. Anna wlanin salasana.)


    Onko täällä WiFi should have been accepted!

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