"Il est possible que je t'écrive une carte postale."

Translation:It is possible that I will write you a postcard.

July 19, 2020

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why ecrive and not ecris


"Il est possible que..." requires the use of subjunctive mood.


Can I say, "C'est possible que je....." ?


Does one really say "to write a postcard" in English? Should it not be "to send"?


First you write it, then you send it.


"Send" a postcard is common, and so is "write" .. it is probably 50/50. . But to "write" a postcard, and to "send one," are the same thing, really. Both are assumed to be written, and both are assumed sent.


Really you "write on a postcard", not quite the same as writing a letter.


It is possible that I may write you a postcard.


It rejected "it is possible that i will write you a postcard". Sometimes it punishes you if you're too literal, and sometimes it punishes you if you're not literal enough. Reported 8 September 2020.


I might write you a postcard

this is accepted but horribly awkward English. It should be I might "send" you a postcard. Will someone respond whether a native French speaker would typically use this tortured sentence structure


"I might write to you on a postcard" is really the best solution. I guess the "to you" part of the French (and English) implies the postcard is also sent.

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Is ""Il est possible que" the most natural way to express "may" in French? That would be interesting.


You also can say : il se peut que je t'écrive une carte postale, equivalent and very common too.


Please give explaination for forming sentences are wrong or words are wrong every time


I used to send post cards and letters, but they had different uses. Postcards with beautiful views for a short holiday with "Wish you were here" type messages. Long air mail letters when travelling around the world with descriptions of my adventures and the amazing sights. Who does either of these things now? Travel blogs and emails reign. I wonder why Duo makes so many references to an outdated nethod of communication.


We seem to have jumped the gun on the subjunctive


Why can't you use vous instead of tu?

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