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"Je l'ai rangé dans le tiroir de la table de chevet."

Translation:I put it away in the nightstand drawer.

July 19, 2020



What the hell is a night stand. Bedside tables are quite useful.


A nightstand (one word) used to be an appliance or piece of furniture that would contain a chamber pot and was usually located next to a bed.

I seem to remember that they use to refer to human waste as "night soil" so there may be some connection there.

I looked up "nightstand" and the name seems to have been first used in 1852, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/nightstand

It seems that in North America when indoor plumbing appeared and chamber pots disappeared nightstands were re-purposed into what they really are, bedside tables.

The name seems to have been retained and I thought they were both interchangeable, but here on Duo these sentences seem to only accept nightstand.


I love explanations that contain a bit of etymological info!


Why not: I tidied it away in the bedside table drawer


"Je les rangeais dans le tiroir de la table de chevet" sounds the same and also makes sense; i.e., "I was putting them away..." Reported.


Me too. Unable to detect the difference in the sounds.


I heard "Je les rangeais dans le tiroir de la table de chevet" - I used to put them in the bedside table drawer. I think that my version is indistinguishable from the correct one - la belle langue!


Earlier version of this lesson said "bedside table" for "la table de chevet". This version says, "nightstand drawer". I assume, the next iteration would say, "nightstand table" and this would go on continuing.....

The only thing constant in life is change.
What a unique way to realize this proverb, Duo!


There is no such thing as a nightstand in UK English. I put it away in the bedside table drawer would be the only acceptable translation in UK English. Please accept.


I think it was what they put the washing bowl on in the bedroom before houses had bathrooms!


We wouldn't say "nightstand" - more like bedside table or bedside cabinet.


'I put it away in the bedside drawer' marked wrong. We don't have 'nightstands'. In which country is it called that? Duo needs to be more inclusive - wake up Duo?


British English calls it a bedside cabinet or table.


crazy to have a stupid voice as an example in an aural exercise: it's definitely NOT a good voice to copy


Bedside drawer is not accepted?


I answered that I put it away in the drawer of my nightstand, and it was marked wrong. I reported it. I have always called my bedside table a nightstand. Same difference. Check on Amazon.

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