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"Ne t'approche pas du chien sinon il va te mordre."

Translation:Don't approach the dog; otherwise, he is going to bite you.

July 19, 2020



"Don't approach the dog or else it is going to bite you" is accepted. 2020-08-21


------ i'm with you, jack. but if it's a pet, it can be a "he " . . .

Big 31 jul 20


can someone let me know why it is du chien and not de chien?

thanks in advance


because 'chien' is a singular and male noun starting with a consonant, and it would be 'ne t'approche pas de le chien. 'De le' is not possible in French so it turns out into 'du'.

I found it here https://www.francaisauthentique.com/de-ou-du/ if it can be of interest for you.


here it is a questio of a negation. i have learned that "de la , du or des"changes to 'de"


What is wrong with : 'don't get too close to the dog, otherwise it is going to bite you.' ?

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