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  5. "I am painting a sad dog."

"I am painting a sad dog."

Translation:Maalaan surullista koiraa.

July 19, 2020



without grammer assistance, it is hard to figure out why the correct response is surullista koiraa and not surullinen koria. anyone have some advice that will help to explain


In singular, in this case, the partitive indicates that the action is ongoing, i.e. happening right now (I am painting...). If it were in the genitive-looking accusative form (maalaan surullisen koiran) it'd translate to "I paint a/the sad dog".

If you wanted to use the plural partitive form, "koiria", you'd also have to adjust the adjective -> "surullisia koiria".

Nominative singular: surullinen koira

Partitive singular: surullista koiraa

Genitive singular: surullisen koiran

Nominative plural: surulliset koirat

Partitive plural: surullisia koiria

(Genitive plural: surullisten koirien)

The singular forms and the plural forms work a bit differently in a sentence, so there is no easily explained general guideline to how you'd use them.


I am grateful that Dl has focussed on the effort to get one to speak before diving into grammar


I guess that the partitive is used cause in English there is the indefinite article 'a', which corresponds to the Finnish partitive.

It would have been 'surullinen koira' in case we knew exactly which dog we were talking about = 'the'.


Should it be in this module?

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