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"Hän sanoo, että hän rakastaa meitä."

Translation:He says that he loves us.

July 19, 2020



"She says that she loves us" should also be correct


I reported this, because it said that I had a typo for writing "She says that she loves us", underlining each "she". Unlike the "he is a good man" question in the same unit, this sentence gives absolutely no indication of gender, so any combination of "he" and "she" must be accepted, without calling it a typo.


I came here to report basically the same thing. It accepted my "she" answer, but said "He says that he loves us" is correct, and my "she's" were typos. This is (perhaps inadvertently) sexist -- to have male be the default, given that as I understand it, "hän" is gender-neutral.


I don't think "that" is necessary here


Yeah. However, it is needed in the Finnish sentence.


How would Finnish express 'he says that she loves us' or vice versa? Is it entirely down to context?


Yeah, down to context if you express it like this. If you want to be more specific, you have to use e.g. "Tyyne", "tyttö", "nainen" etc.


She should be correct too


still not accepted "she says that she loves us" as correct on 12.10.2021! Hallo? Pöllö ei ole kai niin viisas?

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