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"There is a long but safe bridge nearby."

Translation:Lähellä on pitkä mutta turvallinen silta.

July 19, 2020



But lähellä means nearby so shouldnt it be nearby is a long but safe bridge?


The same applies here as what I pointed out in a different thread; the "there" at the beginning of the sentence is a dummy subject. It's not translated because dummy subjects don't have a Finnish translation.


I had "On pitkä mutta turvallinen silta lähellä" which was marked wrong. I'm confused by what is acceptable word order in Finnish. Can anyone help?


In an existential clause, the verb needs to be the bridge between the location and the thing that exists. It can't be a bridge if there isn't something at both ends.


Thanks, so "lähellä" needs to coupled with the verb "to be/to have" here? Am I understanding that correctly?


Yes, and also with a noun phrase.


Sorry to beat a dead horse or ask a precocious doubt: If in "... pitkä mutta [turvallista vs. turvallinen] silta...", pitkä agrees with object silta, whether in parallel, after a form of olla, why does turvallista appear as or more likely to agree than turvallinen?


pitkä agrees with object silta

"Silta" is the head of the subject, not the object.

why does turvallista appear as or more likely to agree than turvallinen?

I'm not sure what you mean because the nominative singular form "turvallinen" is the only option that could conceivably make sense since the head of the noun phrase is in the nominative singular form "silta".


Thanks, very clear. Got it, I'd mistaken subject for object.

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