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"Camille a conduit pendant tout le trajet."

Translation:Camille drove during the entire journey.

July 20, 2020



the english translation does not need the word 'during'


Camille drove during the whole trip. It was wrong. Why?


"During" is not only unnecessary here, it actually obscures the meaning of the sentence (in English).


Why is: "camille drove during the whole trip" not a good translation? Tell me that, DL. Reported.


I cannot stand it -- so I'm first? "Camille drove (throughout) the entire journey." You cannot say, "during the entire journey" in this sense because that has the opposite meaning of "for only part of the entire journey" . . .

"During the day is "while the day endures," and the prepositional usage is a transference into English of a Latin ablative absolute (compare durante bello "during (literally 'enduring') the war")." -- https://www.etymonline.com/search?q=during

There is no set time in "(the entire) journey" -- perhaps if you set one somehow? "Camille drove during the entire period of the journey." Or change pendant to its cognate "pending"? If you want this in English . . .


Better would be "for the whole journey" to show she was driving all the time. "during", as you state, has the meaning of only part of the time.


The words trip and journey are completely interchangeable here. I have used trio elsewhere without it being held incorrect. You are not being consistent.


No, it´s a big problem with Duolingo.


Whole trip is better than entire journey


the whole trip, journey is simply too "elegant"a word


For many Brits, journey would be used rather than trip in this context. I might talk about a trip to London for example, but that would include getting there and back and the time whilst I was there. The journey to London means only getting there.


I wrote Trip instead of journey. It was considered wrong!


I expect to an answer from Duolingo, please give me your mobile no. Please please please please please please please

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